Training Sessions & Fees

All Training Sessions take place at the:
American Sports Center …map and directions
1500 S Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
Home of our USA men’s and women’s National Teams and the Southern California VB Association
Setters In Motion Academy designated court E2 (confirm on TV monitor located at north main entrance).


• Improving Technical Skills in all areas of the game
• Tactical Game Strategies
• Leadership Training
• Improvement of Peripheral Vision and Depth Perception
• Self-development and Mental Focus
• Player-Parent-Coach dynamics and communication
• Physical Development: Speed, Agility, Balance & Jump Training

Due to limited openings with Setters In Motion Academy all players will be selected to train on a modified or regular schedule after an initial evaluation of skills and a commitment from both the player and parent are made.

TYPES OF SESSIONS AVAILABLE & FEES (include court fees paid to ASC by SIMA)

Private Sessions are one on one instruction specifically designed and tailored for the individual player
Duration: 50 minutes of on court training at any level
Cost: $ 85.00 per session

Semi-Private sessions are paired players of similar levels and can be of any combination of skills
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: $90.00 per session or ($45.00 each)

Small Group sessions are arrangements of 3-4 players of similar skill level and any combination
Duration: 1hour
Cost: $100.00 per session or ($35 each for 3 and $25 each for 4)

Large Group session are arrangements of 5 or more players of similar skill levels
Duration: 1 hour and 20min
Cost: $120 per session or ($20 per person)

Specialized Group Training Sessions
Setters Group: Designed by coach Sanders and by INVITE only. Must have been evaluated for skill level and or have had, or are currently taking lessons. $20-$25 per player for 1 ½ hour session (see calendar for dates and times)
Mixed Group Advanced: Designed by coach Sanders and by INVITE only. Must be Division I 17/18’s club level, High School Varsity, College bound, or home from college. 25-$30 per player for 1 ½ hour session (see calendar for dates and times)

*Cancellations and schedule change policy
Cancellations must be made by noon the previous day or a court fee of $30.00 will be charged.

Discounts for multiple bookings available
Advanced scheduled bookings of minimum of 4 sessions are available at a discounted rate of:
$75.00 each Private
$40.00 each Semi Private
$30.00 each small groups of 3; $20 each of 4

*These are pre-arranged and paid in advance
*cancellations or schedule changes must be made 24hrs in advance or fee will be forfeited for that session.

Please inquire directly with Sheri about other discounts available to you like combined sessions.
Typically Mon-Thurs 2pm - 9pm
Fridays 2:30-3:30 and 5-7pm; Designated setter’s group session 3:30-5pm
SUMMER SCHEDULE June-Sept: Please refer to the Calendar. Schedule varies throughout the summer due to ASC availability and tournaments.


  • Are on a first come first serve basis
  • Are taken as a commitment and paid for at the session; blocks of time are paid in advance for discount to apply
  • No refunds will be available to late cancellations for pre-booked lessons due to limited court time @ ASC and availability with SIMA
  • Cancellation of session by SIMA will only be made if a change in gym/court reservations come about by ASC or acts of Mother Nature

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