We are Unique


  • I-M is a No compete program:  Our staff members do not coach for a club program
  • I-M works with Individual “players”      We work with Entire “Teams”      We work with whole “Programs”
    • We act as an extension to the players team or program
  • I-M has developed a systematic evaluation process that allows us to investigate all aspects and influencing factors of an individual player’s current condition, position and situation that needs improvement
  • I-M provides Tailored training to suit the needs of the individual
  • I-M provides  a cumulative staff of experts in each area linked together to achieve the same goals
  • I-M gets results and have a positive track record that proves it
  • I-M is a complete training program providing technical, tactical, physical, mental, visual, nutritional and recruiting assistance/direction.
  • I-M is inclusive and does not discriminate at any level.  We work with all players and programs
  • I-M Instills passion, confidence and motivation to the player
  • I-M CARES:  we are determined to do whatever is necessary to obtain the intended results
  • I-M takes the necessary time and steps to break bad habits and get past the sticking points holding back the players progress.
  • I-M thinks , devising new and innovative ways to teach
  • I-M attempts to reach and connect with each individual at their own Intellectual level, physical capabilities, v-ball IQ, confidence levels and emotional maturity.
  • I-M continues to evolve as instructors by maintaining to be STUDENTS of the game whilst researching the latest, cutting edge training styles and training philosophies.
  • I-M is able and willing to work WITH all program models and philosophies of teaching to include but not limited to:  traditional, old school, USA high performance, gold medal squared, SPRI and Stat based, to name a few.

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