The player or “athlete”

Comes to the In Motion Volleyball Training Academy seeking additional training to improve his or her individual skills. 

The “player” is comprised of several parts

  • Physical traits and abilities: tall/short; strong/weak; athletic/uncoordinated;
  • Mental traits: sharp or quick thinking/slow and limited comprehension;
  • Character: good/bad attitude; giving/selfish; ego/humble; confident/unsure; passive/aggressive
  • Thinking & Focus: attention to detail/global or analytical
  • Nature: disciplined/lazy; controlling or lacking self-control
  • A developing, thinking, maturing being evolving over time

The “player” has various influences in their developing world, each of which has their own idea and or direction for the player.

  1. Parental guidance, upbringing and influence
  2. High School coach and program
  3. Club Coach and Programs
  4. Private instructor/Trainer =>IMVBTA

We at the IMVBTA provide a link between all of the influencing factors in his or her world

The “player” generally has an Overall Goal & Direction

  • Not every player wants to or expects to continue their volleyball career on through college.
  • Conversely, some have the desire to be on the Olympic team

We at the IMVBTA help the player frame those goals, put a game plan together and set the plan In Motion.

The “player” may be behind in development.  The player may learn at a different pace or need a different style of teaching.  The player may need help in a very specialized role that the coach might not be as proficient in (for instance a coach that was a middle blocker on a team, even at an elite level, may not understand the complexities of a setter or libero position) 

We at the IMVBTA have a qualified staff that is proficient in all areas and levels of the game to help the player with their specific needs. 

Far too often blame for shortcomings and circumstances are placed in the wrong direction and excuses come about for everything. In order to get beyond the excuses and get on with progress….

We at the IMVBTA also try to provide one additional essential need for the player

That is:   ACCOUNTABILITY!  Looking within, before placing or shifting blame.

This is often challenging to address and even more difficult to come to grips with for most players.

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