The InMotionVolleyballTrainingAcademy:

  • One of our objectives is to link together the four primary groups of people in the Player’s life to complement and facilitate one another. We see the Player, Parent, School, club, and specialized training program as one complex functioning Unit.           
  • We respect and encourage the player to follow the direction of the program they are affiliated with.

We pride ourselves as being a NON COMPETE Program and firmly reject or discourage any negative conversation with regards to the coaches or the programs the players compete for! We attempt at all costs to enhance the programs’ own teaching style and philosophy.   

We Do Our HOMEWORK: We have a team that researches and studies each program that our players compete for to develop a working knowledge of their particular training philosophy.  We work with and communicate with the coaches of the individual, at their request, to act as a facilitator of the program they play for.

  • We get to the root of the problem. There is a cause and effect to everything. We dissect everything down into its parts by applying mathematical and scientific principles in a complete evaluation process.
    • Such as: Newton's Third Law of Motion (Physics) & Euclid's Postulate (Geometry)
  • We treat everyone equally and fairly.  We care about all of the players who come to seek help from us.  We are here for you! It is our mission to bring your level of performance up to your desired needs.  We are not influenced by playing time, program restrictions, monetary gain or favoritism.  Our sole investment is in YOU!

IMVBTA OBJECTIVE:To be great teachers/Instructors of this game and help in the facilitation of reaching each and every player’s highest level of potential.  Give each child out there as equal an opportunity to achieve the level of success he or she is capable of

IMVBTA KEYS TO SUCCESS:Treat everyone as important as the next.  Do our best at every moment to improve the areas of the player’s goals.  Always stay positive!  Respect others authority and opinions.

Because we are a non-threatening program, a player will often open up and share things with us that they may be reluctant to with their coach or parent.

Mind you, we are not in the business of “what makes you feel good”, but rather a get to it and resolve the issue program.  We do at times tell players and parents what they don’t want to hear.  Sometimes a good dose of wake-up reality is just what a person needs and the programs are not always in a position to offer it up.

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